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When you arrivie to Zhovkva and get familiar with its culture and architecture we invite you to visit its charming surroundings. Such trip will certainly satisfy your need for pleasant emotions and bright impressions.

  • Belz is situated 40 km to the North. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, founded in 1030. It is rich in architectural monuments of different peoples.
  • 12 km to the South-East the village of Krehiv offers a visit to St. Nicolas monastery. Due to its mountainous location it is often called a small Switzerland.
  • 35 km to the South-East you can enjoy a trip to the village of Stradch with its cave monastery of XI century.
  • Heading 7 km to the East you can have a rest at a lakeside in the guest-house Blyshchywody.
  • The city of Rava-Rus’ka is situated 40 km to the West, just next to the border with Poland.

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